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Davis Marina Saturday


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Got up 4:30 Saturday to go fishing in a mate's tinny at Davis Marina. Anchored up near the boats and tossed in a few baits. It's usually reliable here for a few bream or trevally. Sat there about 45 mins got nothing and decided to move.

Hooked up to a boat mooring and started fishing plastics. At first nothing. Then hooked a 39cm flatty (still putting into practice what I learnt at the SP weekend!!).

Was pretty happy with that, would've been happy with just that.

Kept of with SPs. Hooked up another fish, but as I was winding in it fell off. Don't know why, maybe I have to learn to strike harder.

Bitterly disappointed kept fishing. All I could think of was the one that got away. Suddenly I get a huge rod bend. Had no idea what it was, but made sure I stuck hard. My mate thought it might be a jewie from the weight, but I had no idea. All I knew was I didn't want to lose it.

Finally saw it, a huge flattie! measured in at 64 cm. Quickly dedicated it to Mr and Mrs Swordie for organising the SP weekend (sorry to keep going on about it, but before it I never caught a fish on SP and now after....)

That night leant my flathead filletting needs a heck of a lot more practice, but ate it beer battered, which I'm pretty sure is the best way.

cheers all,


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