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Another successful trip - flathead on SP's


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Hey guys

Today headed out with Seamus. The plan was to fish the canal and the bay. We headed down to the canal at 7am and first fish was a little flattie by Seamus of about 30ish cm. It was very slow in the canal but I managed another 30ish cm flattie and a little tailor which absolutely shredded my plastic. Seamus also got a little silver biddy and in about 20mins, we saw the silver biddy in half!! Bitten in half by something big.

After that it was really slow so we moved around the bay and the plan was to fish underneath the UTS rowing club pylons for big bream. On the way we decided to do a challenge. BLADES VS PLASTICS. I was blades, Seamus was plastics. I got a 53cm flattie on the way which was good. We got to UTS and the tide was to high so we moved to the other canal. There was nothing there but there was a lot of bait and fish busting up at them but we couldn't tempt them with our little poppers.

After that we moved back to the UTS but the tide was still high but we wanted to catch fish so we went in knee deep water to get under. We were both using hidden weight system jig heads on little krabby lures.

We saw heaps of baitfish jumping everywhere which ment there were fish under them. I put my lure there and hooked a decent flattie of about 45cm. Then I got a little flattie about 25cm. We then got nothing and a big storm came over with lightning and fishing rods attract it so we were stuck under there for an hour or so and then moved on to the canal which was literally full of leaves floating so it was unfishable so we moved to le' montage pontoon and got nothing so we headed home at three.

Not our most successful trip down there but I'm still happy with that result

Cheers thefisherman6784

P.S. Because I won the challenge, Seamus owes me a new blade :P

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