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Live well mesh

The Incredible Hull

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Hi Raiders,

Had a hiccup this morning, where I had squids in my live well, and they kept going to the single skin fitting hole and causing it to block, and my tank was overflowing, there's always a first for everything =P

Just curious what raiders generally use to prevent this. I have a standard size skin fitting, is there any type of mesh that would fit nicely in the hole?


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Yes I've had that problem with small squid and gars going through or blocking it up.

I used some galvanised tie wire I had lying around, but preferably use stainless if you have it and I siliconed 2 pieces across the opening to form a "cross" over it. It's not the most scientific or pretty but it has worked for me.

I think a full mesh will restrict the flow too much and clog up easily.

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Guest Aussie007

ive seen small pieces of stainless mesh on the big e auction site u could bend a piece so u have 3 litle walls and hot glue it over the overflow like a little mesh box

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