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Gday all, well another great morning. Harbour was glass when we left and saw a few boats heading out actually thought there would be more considering.

Headed out to around 70m and the sounder showed good fish whilst travelling and around the spot. Not a great deal of swell .5 to a metre from the se. Bugger all wind but ne started to come to life about 830am currently about 10-15kn.

Drift was nice heading se about .4kn, water a little green and sitting on 18.7.

Day has begun well some nice snapper and good mowies not a flattie yet.

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Tasksta, fish have moved into deeper water. Funny all we got were snapper and mowies. Once the wind hit stronger around 12 we moved in to around the forties and yes hit the flatties all around 60 and full of row so they are about to spawn very shortly they then will also move deeper. Snapper heavily on the chew from 6am but once the sun got a bit higher we had lost them by 7. Snapper are fed up and fat and have some great colour to them. Low point of the day was a blue dog that we thought was a mako at 60kg that was hanging around during cleaning Tossed him fish guts and a red spot whitting on a 12.0, hooked him in 10 secs,fought him for a 30secs thought this is too easy then saw his pecs, traced him and cut the hook lol. Anyway the fish are there and there is a good feed for everyone.

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