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Great day In the bay!


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G'day raiders!

Went out this morning with my dad and the bros and sis for a fish for a mix bag! we started our day with a bit of bad luck so we decided to drift the break wall and again having bad luck we went out the front to get some livies to try chase some jewies! We sat there and waited for a bit but there must of not been any jewies around.

Dad said we will have a quick flick for some flatties. We arrived at our destination and after a couple of casts my line went off! zzzzzzzzzzzzz I was winding and I thought it was snagged but then it started lifting up and with a great netter I landed a 51cm flatty!!!


Last casts dad says and so my brother chucks his out (2 casts after dad says last cast) and he was on!!

His line then got smacked! He was winding and we thought that it was a small wobbegong but we relived it was a massive flatty!! Well netted he landed it! He was measured at 57cm and definetly up there with my brothers best fish!


All up a great day with most of my fam and gonna be a great feed!!!

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Well done mate

There two great flatties to break the bad luck

I love getting flatties on SP's and especially good size ones

I get a lot of 40-50cm ones around my local canal but it's a canal so I don't keep them but there great eating

Well done mate

Cheers thefisherman6784

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Thx for your comment mate!!
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