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Sydney Offshore - 2-10-14 Dollies and Stripies

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Haven’t had a fish for over a month, been so busy at work, last time were out we got 3 really big albies so we were keen for a fish again. We finally got our chance yesterday.

We started trolling from inside the shelf and our plan was to troll all the way to Heatons. Best temp break we found was 19.2 to 19.5 over a mile which was just inside the shelf off Longy. It then went down quickly to 19.2 and stayed at 19.2 all the way the Heatons. It was lifeless, nothing on the sounder and the birds were following the boat all afternoon, as if to say “we don’t know where the fish are, maybe these guys do, let’s just follow them J”.

Listening on the radio, all we heard that no one was getting anything, it was dead out there.

At around 2pm decided to try our bread and butter tactic, which is go back to the best temp break we found and run up and down on it. So we went back to the shelf off Longy and started going back and forth from 19.2 to 19.5 then back to 19.2 and just repeated that line over and over, it’s a boring tactic but often works. At 4pm we finally got a Stripy and then a few others. Just before 5pm we hooked a bigger fish in 19.2, I called it as a small YFT, it was pulling pretty hard. We stopped the boat, we stuffed around putting the rod belt on and got ready to play the fish, then bang, another rod went off, it took a sinking lure while the boat was completely stopped.
We managed to land them both, a small bull dollie around 20-25lb and a female a bit smaller.

We got everything on our SB lures. We had pillies in 2 of the lures, garfish in 2 other lures and squid in a pink lure. Every strike we got was on lures with garfish inside them, except for the female dollie which took the sinking lure with squid inside it. Upon autopsy of the fish, we found they all had small garfish inside them, so it made sense the lures with garfish inside them were getting hit. We also ran our teasers with cut up pieces of gars and pillies inside to disperse a bit of burley behind the boat to bring the fish up into our spread.

Good luck to anyone heading out this weekend.










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Well done mate

That's a great bag of fish and well deserved after all your hard work and persistence

What kg rods do you use for your trolling?

Cheers thefisherman6784

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we use tiagra 50, 50 wide and 80wides, we use the 80 wides for towing the underwater cameras around with a lure behind it

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Great work again mate you always seem to get some

Can't wait to test my scent blazer this summer when the dollies come in close again

Cheers sydneyfisher12

yeah I don't think it will be long until they are in close, we've got 3 dollies already, 1 about 6 weeks ago and 2 last week, could be in for a good season this year on the dollie front

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