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Terrigal Fad Sat 03/03


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The missus has been hitting me up for a while to take her back to the Fad, and the conditions on Saturday morning was the best forecast I’d seen for a while. Generally working shift work I get the luxury of fishing whenever I want midweek, with her working Monday to Friday she is a weekend warrior. Launched at Terrigal at 5.30am with a hundred other boats, everyone was fairly patient and efficient in getting their boats launched. Hit the red marker and had a tank full of live yakkas in no time. Missus had a ball throwing a small metal spinning bonito just about every cast. Stuck around here for a good half an hour before we shot out to the Fad at 25knots the whole Way perfect. Ten boats there I was a little hesitant but as soon as we threw the yakkas in it was on. Went through the tank of yakkas in no time landed some good eating sized dollies and kept a couple for the table. Me personally didn’t get to much time to fish as I was hooking the missus liveys up, unhooking her fish, taking photos but I didn’t mind taking the back seat and being the guide today. Fish were only hitting liveys, wouldn’t go near any lures


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Nice of you to be so helpful with the Missus fishing and catching them all. I'm sure your consideration will be duly noted Tyrone. Always good fun seeing our family getting amongst the fish. Onya mate, bn

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