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Terrigal- day on the water

King chaser

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Hit the water by 530 at terrigal haven, the water was 24.2 degrees and extremely dirty, there was a brown algae or what ever it was on the surface and water was very frothy.

Anchored up near the red marker and and had a tank full of livies in no time. Speared out to terrigal fad and the trip was very comfy seas less than a metre. First boat on scene 24.4 degrees clear water at least 20m vis and small current. Dropped a livey down, Bang bang, two dollies in the boat on the first drift pass. Though you beauty we are on here. 

Next pass got harrassed by hodlums / rats. Kings were around the 55cm mark and eating  everything that was thrown at them. 

Couple boats showed up and they got lock jaw, they went totally off the livies. Burley up with chunks of pillies but still no hits.

switched to bait and the rats made another show. From here could see schools of dollies under the boat and no takers. After a hour of frustration managed another keeper spinning a metal behind the fad. We could see tones of dollies, jumping around and everything but they were just not interested in what we threw at them.

Gave up and headed close in. The brown algae showed up again was 24.2 degrees. Anchored up and could see a pro boat pulling in bonito after bonito. They must of took at least a couple hundred kilos in a few hours. Whatever they were doing they kept the school under their boat and couldn’t even manage to pull one in even just 30m away. Not sure how they kept them there so long and so thick and why we could even entice 1 over our way.

Had a livey out the back and got taken a few times and my 100 pound leader bit right off. Switched to circle hooks and had a 30 min fight with a 2meter dusky whaler with the hook holding on in the corner of the mouth. Couple happy snaps and off he swam. 

With a feed of dolphin fish in the boat we called it a day! 

Better than a day in the office! Tight lines

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