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My mates first Blackfish


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After much chatter about my new found passion and Fishraider, I convinced my old mate Michael

to join me this morning.

I got to the spot on the lower harbour around 5am, tried and tried, but no fish

Michael arrived about 7, I told him the situation, and we packed up and moved to a spot nearby.

Again this was somewhere I hadn't fished before, so I went thru the routine. Check the depth,

Berley up and watch the drift.

I set Michael up, and we soon started getting bites. He couldn't see it, they were only small touches,

with the float just dippin for a second.

I shortened up 6 inches, and Bang an average size fish was in the net.

Now he'd seen it he was keen as, so I put my rod down, and supported him.

He got a couple of downs, only to miss them.

He kept saying' I can't feel the bites' I explained you won't, just watch the float, watch the float.

Soon he got a good down and pulled up tight onto a good fish, played him out and I netted him.

It was a very respectable 38cm square mouth. Which turned out to be the fish of the day.

We got a few more each, an quit when it went quite at low tide.

I was a complete novice to this kind of fishing a few months ago, but with the help and generosity or other Raiders, I can help a mate get his first.


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Oh that's unexpected, Donna. Thank you .

And thanks to the guys who have helped me, you know who you are.

What I love about Fishraider is it gives us access to the best fisherman in Sydney.

It has changed fishing for me forever.



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Great job Ryder

There some great fish and congrats on your mate for his great blackfish

Good on you for putting the rod down to support him

True friend

Well done

There great fish

Cheers thefisherman6784

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Thanks mate, the same was done for me, for my first.

Demo then support.

Hope you get some trout.

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Thanks mate

It's true raider spirit teaching others new techniques whether a pro or a beginner

Also it's great teaching someone new things when you know so much and they know so little

You got out for a fish with your mate

Got him a first


Well done again

Cheers Gianni

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great work mate always great teaching newbies our wonderful passion of fishing

also great fish and im sure your friend will want more now

always wanted to learn the art of black fishing might have to give it a try soon

cheers sydneyfisher12

Thanks mate

I'm sure he will want more.


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Guest hawkesbass

Nice effort andrew.

I should be back too full health and ready for a fish next weekend.

Been out of the game that long you will need tooo be my teacher for a while.

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