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Bali freshwater farm fishing


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Hello all, Got back from 3 weeks in Bali , I went fishing with my son and a Balinese mate of mine and his family , It was just outside the main part of Kuta , Its freshwater ponds / farms, All the local kids go fishing there. I was also there last year. You pay by the kilo about 4.00 dollars a kilo, Anyway started fishing hired the rods and the bait, They use powdered bait mixed with water like dow, The other is live crickets. By then end of half days fishing I caught 2 fish about 50mm, and my son and my mate caught 2 about 30cm long I was EMBARRASSED. They have a small pond where you can swing a net a scoop up some fish and pay by the kilo I did that cost me about 30 dollars for everything , Gear hire , Bait crickets, Dow , Drinks, Fish I scoop up, for my mate and the lady at my hotel reception, Plus drinks, They had 3 ponds going at the time, One with eel like catfish looking , The pond I was fishing had fish that look like siclad freshwater fish, the other was mixed. NO I did not eat any fish. But it was fun to get out there . I not sure what the name is of the place but I will get it and let use no later. It a good cheap day out compared to other charted fishing company's.

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That is Kertalangu Cultural Village. There are fishing ponds, jogging tracks, handicraft centres, dances on stages, restaurants etc

Looks like a bit of family fun but not too sure it compares with going out and catching big GT's on a charter :)

Bali is a fun place to go - I have been travelling there since the 70's :flying::biggrin2:

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