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Simrad combo


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Hi All,

I am planning to get a Simrad NSS8 sports or NSS9 evo 2, options for the transducer

600watt 50/200 P66

1 kw


I only fish max 150 metres but I want something to pickup bottom really well, and also wondering the differences in the evo and sports models.

Has anyone any info on this unit?

Cheers Daryn

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Hi, without paying the extra for the Sonar hub and TM150 transducer you will not get CHIRP on the NSS-8. They are great value at the moment, but last time I checked with Navico the supply was very limited and they are not making any more NSS-8. If you really want CHIRP then by the time you add the Sonar hub to the NSS-8 it is not that much more the Evo2 which has in built sonar hub and alot more features than the NSS-8. The speed alone on the processor in the Evo2 is worth the extra and makes the NSS-9 Evo2 the best unit going at present in its price range. There are alot of differences between these two units and if not wanting chirp get (if you still can) the NSS-8 at present for under $1,800 with Oz wide chart, go free and transducer-so hard to beat.



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