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Monster Bream


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Hi Raiders,

Hit the Hawkesbury at 8.00am this morning for the first time in a long time. Aiming to be at the "Birds Nest" at Spectacle Island, Mooney Mooney Creek (deep hole), one hour before the 11.30 high., Headed to Flint and Steele to check in on the action. Drifted for no luck. There were a few bust ups and we managed five Taylor spinning metal Slugs. Lots of fun. Headed off up river.

Arrived at the "Birds Nest' early. The tide was running hard. Very quiet. I said to cousin Joe, we need to wait for the tide change, and wait we did. Right on the tide change (11.25), cuz is on zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, hooked up to a huge bream. It went 40cm to the fork, was fat and had a huge mouth. Took a few happy snaps and off she went back to the depths. I had two rods out, one heavy with a whole pillie and the other light with a pillie tail. I get an awesome hit and I'm on, its like a freight train. It was on the light gear (of course). I had a ball playing this fish, had a few nervous moments when the fish headed for the prop. It came to the boat three times before she succumbed. I pulled up a Jewie that went 75cm. Not huge, however had a lot of fight in her. She too smiled for the camera and was released.

Had a great day.

Happy fishing





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