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ram mount for hds 10


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Hi guys,

After your thoughts, or if anyone has one fitted, I am getting a hds10 for my boat to replace the hds7 (from huett marine of course) and was looking at ram mounts. There are both long and short options and not sure which one. Below is a pic of the long one, and is what I was thinking of getting for more movability options.


By the looks of these mounts they can swivel in most directions unless someone tells me otherwise. Has anyone used ram mounts for their sounders, are they strong enough?? Any other thoughts or comments are welcome.



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Thanks for the quick reply, I think I saw a 50mm ball on the chsmith site, I'll check it out again. You are talking about the ball which mounts to the dash etc arent you?? Or the balls that are part of the arm??

Where did you get yours from??

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Been great deals on HDS since the beginning of October and at the prices they are I doubt Navico will have stock of the current HDS range for long. Stewy's unit is the best and we can get those from Navico no problem.



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