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Gday all, lovely day to be out on the water until the nor easter set in later in the morning. Not many boats at the ramp this morning. Anyway clear skies and the harbour had a light nor wester on it

Looked up to the rocks at north head and noticed a few waves breaking but new outside would be fine. Headed out again to our spot again driving around for a while exploring a bit. Set up to begin and current was screaming at 1.5kn downhill. Water colour was green and cold at 17.8-18.3. Great we thought.

Fished with pillies and prawns on the runout and in 5 min onto first fish. Now I dont know what I have but its putting up a fight. Colour is sighted in the green misery and its silver and bloody long, im thinking that is the most anorexic jewie I have ever seen. As it gets closer to the boat it aint a jewie but a bloody 1.2M long hairtail! Stunned at catching it, especially at the depth and location.

The day was slow but rewarding, drift was quick and just made short drops to compensate. Plenty of good mowies again, snapper came on later in the day and found them on the sand with some flatties both tiger and bluespot. Called it a day around 12.


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Depth was around 90m. The gear I use is a shimano tekota 500 loaded with 15kg braid onto 15-20kg mono leader. Use a 2 hook twisted dropper rig. Rod custom built 1.2m long 10-15kg snapper rod.

What are they like to eat, IMHO dog gets them.

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Nice Mowie, much better eating than the hairtail in my experience.

This is the time of year for North Easters to come up around lunch time. Down at Ulladulla almost every boat is back in the Harbour around 11AM. No fun punching back into a strong wind.

Cheers and thanks for sharing.


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