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What prop do I need?


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Hi All,

I have recently purchased a Stacer 455 Sea Horse that has a Honda 4 stroke 50HP on it. Boat and engine are immaculate and have taken it for a few runs already and has no issues hitting 28 knots, I got the engine serviced including impeller replaced recently. I was told the prop bush appears to be worn as you can see some melted rubber in behind the nut.

Issue I have is I cannot find any markings or numbers on the prop, I do not know what pitch it is, guessing I can measure the size easy enough. I'm really happy with the performance of the prop so would like to replace it with same.

is there a way for me to work out the pitch?

I have attached an image below, not that I expect someone to tell me by looking at an image. Can someone point me in some direction?


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Have you removed the prop & checked inside , there should be some sort of markings somewhere

If no sucess , take the prop to a Honder dealer , they should be able to identify the inches & pitch then you can decide your next move


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I read somewhere, I cant remember where though, what is the max rpm you get on the water, if that is within the manufacturers specs for the engine at WOT, the prop is suitable. What sort of speeds do you want to go mate, 28 knots for a 50 seems about right. were you going with or against the tide. Last sunday, going with the tide, I achieved 31knots in my 4.5m with 50hp 2 stroke merc.

You could try the honda website for info on outboard prop selection.

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