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Sydney Offshore – 21-10-2014 Late Session, Dollies in close

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Weather was so so, but I made a decision get out for a late fish. I couldn’t find another fisho on short notice, so went solo. I got to Sydney Heads at about 4pm.

Fast trolled east at 13 knts from Sydney Heads looking for the nearest temp break, found a break about 5NM directly east of Sydney Heads went from 19 to 19.5. Slowed down to 8 knts and trolled back and forth on the break, hooked a dollie around 15lb about 30 min later. Got it on a teaser chain with a lure chain running behind the teasers, had it rigged directly to the rod. It did the trick. Hooked another fish about 20min later, but dropped it.

Trolled to the 12 Mile after that, water went from 19.5 to 20, hooked a few small stripies around the 12 Mile then headed back at 7pm.

SB Lures




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