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Help with 1st tinnie purchase – Good buy or not?


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Hi there, new member here sometime lurker.

So long story short, what a tinnie just for river fishing (Georges River) and take to the kids out on weekends. Decided on a vnose punt and have been looking around for a tidy second hand set up on a small budget.

Came across a Savage Jabiru l/w 3.8 , there isn’t much info about it , is this a good buy for $2500 or slightly less? Here is the link http://bit.ly/1yrEBzM

There are a few other options in the 3-3.5K class but just can’t afford it first time round.


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Iv been searching for a boat also latly mate and for that price iv been seeing better boats on there just make sure u dont rush in to buying a boat and look around abit u will find plenty off great boats on gumtree in the paper or even if u drive around u will find boats that dont look like there used much and just knock on peoples doors and ask if there interested in selling it. Geshy

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Yep, that's what Im hearing :) I've actually got a boat shed, it needs a lot of work and will take me some years to restore. When its done and there is rail system to launch and retrieve that's when I think it will be time to step up. For the moment something to get the family out now and then, bring in some materials, do some solo river fishing and having to leave it out there at low tide resting on mud means starting off with something that will take a bit of a beating, but big enough to do all of the above at the same time.



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The thing about V nose punts , they are very stable which is good when kids are on board but they tend to be rather uncomfortable when heading into a chop..

If your only considering the river then I think you will be happy with the boat


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