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Lake Macquarie Saturday


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It was just another usual saturday for me. After a week of hard work in Sydney decided to have another fish session at my usual spot. Oh ya, before I get started, went into one of the local tacke shops in Swansea. Haven't really tried a vibe before and decided to get one and give it a go.

Got there around 4.30pm, started with some prawns and is really firing. Got heaps of tarwhine and pinkies but non of them are legal.

After using all my baits. Switched to my newly bought vibe and decided to give it a go. Not sure if that really works because I haven got any of them on harbody( been using a crank but it wont work). Had around 60 casts and it still wont work at all. With no one around me using lure I wonder if that should be the way to go??

Anyway, still persisted as I thought that should be a way. With a slow retrieval technique I had a chop but it lasted only 3 seconds. Now I smell something and cast it on the same spot again. Suddenly and big bite and my braid it running!!! I know is something not I usually get it from as this could be something nice for me. As I retrieve it slowly and one other fisho standby with a net. When it comes close to the surface realised was a nice trevally! She just wont give up yet and went further down again! Had her on surface again and got her landed!

Now I am a happy man. Measured 42cm it is my first fish on a vibe, first legal trevally and I guessed it will be a pb trevally for a while.


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