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Things you've seen on Youtube and Made


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I'll go first


I made a RAM pump. Two moving parts, runs on gravity and I have no use for it yet.

I might be able to use it to pump water out of my creek if I can get enough fall.

Basically it uses the a water hammer and a compression chamber to pump water up a hill.

Water rushing in the 215mm black poly, hits the valve gate, bounces back and goes

up into the compression chamber and its forced out of the green garden hose.

I managed to get it pumping up to the deck from my back yard

Looses a bit of water, so there's no free lunch but i was happy with the result.

I hear the Romans did it first

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Perhaps I should open a thread. Readers fish tanks?

I made this ( not the tank ( though I did have it modified and the stand was rebuilt with a stainless frame and sump) . Just the setup) . Sadly had to let it go when I moved to Oz.

And 12 months later

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Hi NaClH2OK9,

I used to have a reef tank then had to shut it down as it was just sucking up money, its definitley an addiction!

Your tank is only 2 years old but your using the old school tech of deep sand beds and i like it !

Thumbs up for the gold stripe maroon clowns, i see that they are either prepping a site for eggs or they are laying/caring already? The fish all look fat and healthy too!

I see you have the two bangaiis? or did the same one swim around to the powerhead on the left?, If theres two then im guessing they might be same sex since they are not hanging around each other much? (i had a pair that used to breed continuously though the male never carried the eggs through to hatching, and he used to eat like a pig)

Thanks for taking me down memory lane with that!

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Hi squid marks. You seem to know your reef as well as I did. Unfortunately I had to sell my set up 4 years ago as I couldn't import it when I moved from the UK. I miss it desperately but even in Nsw ( I'm not in the barrier reef) to be able to see stunning fish in the wild is awesome.

I took a work life balance choice and don't regret not afordinging to do this now.

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Very nice setup!

My next project will enable me to catch fish that are ready for the table.

My Aquaponics system.


Basically I got a 1000 litre IBC, cut top off, turned it upside down, did some plumbing

threw in a pump filled the top bit with gravel and plants and the bottom bit with fish,

Now I just has to wait till they get bigger. Water from the tank is pumped up to the top

and it filters down to a pipe then it splashes back in to the water.


As a control, I put plants in the garden bed at the same time as in the fish tank grow bed

and these grew a lot bigger in a shorter time.


The fish are freshwater silver perch.Bought on line and posted to me. Plants are veges and fruit

but there's no reason you couldn't grow ornamentals. At the moment all seems to be well but soon I

will have to either get a second tank, or more grow beds as the fish get bigger. I've got a temperature

gauge in there, as I was hoping to try trout, but the water temp is too warm for them. Its also too cold

for Barra, so Silver Perch are a good choice for the novice as they are very hardy.

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I needed a couple of fenders and a marker buoy,so decided to make some with materials I already had.

Materials used were....pool noodle,washers,bolt,rope,old paddle,knee high stockings and some buckshot for added weight for the fenders.











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Guest Aussie007

i built a sheet metal bender to build my own aluminium live bait tank worked well

heres the sheet metal bender

cost me about $35 to make

i took a video half way thru building the LBT here

im about 1500 views off having 100,000 views on my youtube channel yeah baby :D

youtube is very informative if u know what your looking for, lot of people out there clashing two hammers to make a genni appear tho lol




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