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Be careful of lightening!


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I was out this afternoon fishing with a fellow raider and my two eldest boys when a fierce storm came over and we retreated for cover. My wife was at boat harbour beach with the two little kids as the same storm pasted. They also retreated for cover and went home. When I arrived home I found out that a young 15yo boy died from a lightening strike the next beach around from where my wife and kids were. (One mile)

I really feel for the family that has lost their child and it could be anyone.

Just a reminder to take care and be mindful of the weather conditions while your out there raiders.

Cheers scratchie!!!

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I was fishing this afternoon and a big lighting storm came through I rushed home and made it to my garage I was un packing my gear and it came

Over I heard massive crashes and the ground shook so I got

Stuck in the garage for 30mins but I got out and was fine.

Be careful rods and water attract lighting

Cheers sydneyfisher12

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Sad story Jeff. You also had fires there too today.

Very sad. Jnr scratchie knows the people they were visiting. 15yo and too close to home!

The fires were at medowie and they sent smoke all over the bay. I hope the rain help the firies!

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I was at cricket when this blew over

It was ridiculous

Everyone ran off the field and got in the car

We were driving against the wind and rain, it was literally bouncing off the road

Mum had to stop as you couldn't see through the wind screen with the rain

Sad story

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How very sad is that, I cannot even imagine what I would do if one of my grandchildren had a fatal accident.

Scratchie please pass on our heartfelt condolences to the family and tell them that we feel their pain.


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