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Wollongong fishing


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Best baits I've found in lake Illawarra (windang) is by far the humble fresh peeled prawn, beachworms, pillys.

Theres plenty of spots around the lake to cast a line, there's also a designated fishing platform that has been built recently for anglers that may be the go.

I find fishing as light as you can, early mornings and evenings the best time to fish there.

I use a #4 long shank hook on 4kg mono with a running sinker rig and have caught plenty of flathead, bream, tailor and the occasional flounder.

Visit the tackle shop just before the bridge and talk to the friendly tacklestore owner for a heads up on whats being caught.

Hopefully this helps you out a bit, but I find the lake pretty much shuts down as the day goes on with all the anglers/boats all over the place and picks back up in the evenings/nights.


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