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Lowrance Elite 4 Chart Issue


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Hi Raiders,

I am having an issue with my Lowrance Elite-4 that I bought 12 months months ago.

For the past year I have been using it purely as a fishfinder and it has been great, cannot fault it at all.

Over Christmas I decided to purchase the Navionics Platinum + maps so I could start using the chartplotter feature.

I received the micro SD card, updated it on the computer as per instructions, plugged it into the Elite-4 and NOTHING! I get no more detail on the chartplotter than without the card plugged in.

I can see pretty much the whole NSW coast but when I try and zoom in any closer I get an olive green screen and thats it, same as when there is no card plugged in.

I have changed the chart data settings to 'navionics' but this displays no different to the 'lowrance' chart data.

I noticed when I go into the system settings and select 'browse data' it says 'no cards ready'. This leads me to believe that the issue could be that the Elite-4 simply is not reading the card. I have tried removing and replacing the card several times but nothing seems to work.

Has any one else had this issue? am I missing something simple?

I dont think the card is the issue as it reads fine in the computer when I update the charts, if it is the finder then im screwed..... its not under warranty any more..... so have I just wasted $300 on a card I cant even use!

I have attached some pics.

Very frustrated, any help would be much appreciated.





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