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Botany Bay Redevelopment


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Hi all,

Dont know how many of you are locals, but I know alot fish Botany Bay. If so, grab a copy of the Leader Newspaper that came out today and have a look at the front cover.

You will see a huge pier that goes out into the bay from the Novotel, and to the north is a marina. It also appears like a massive breakwall to the front surrounds the marina and pier.

They dont have a timeframe other than a 20 year plan, but jeepers..talk about changing the living crap out of the bay. Im landbased so I will get access to deeper water (in theory) but will any fish be left....and given the desalination plant at Kurnell and the megalitres of brine to be released...Orica and the clean up along foreshore road, and no idea what is happening to the proposed port expansion at port botany....looks like the Bay will be having some interesting years ahead....

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You may very well think that you will have access to deeper water, but will that be the case? Or is the pier being built for the use of the Marina and it's patrons?

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The pier isnt even part of the marina..just a thing that goes out and has some sculpture at the end. And the pier is on the inside of the outerbreakwall. WOuldnt be deep, and Im sure they would make it a no fishing zone off the end. But the breakwall would be ok, and there would be a deep(er) channel for boats, if you could get to it. All of this is theory anyway as its only one pic of the possible changes.

But in so saying, it would completely change the way the bay is along brighton. Currents would change and the area would not be the same. Like when the runway was built, currents changed. Some of the work in the bay has brought in other species of fish due to deeper water etc, but Im sure it affects other species as well. It just seems so out of character for the area.

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It just seems so out of character for the area.


This is a situation where a pen is mightier than the sword. :biggrin2:

If you don't like what they are doing, and you are a local, then you are well within your rights to oppose such a development. :wacko:

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