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Hey guys i've been fishing at brisbane waters (land based) at ettalong under the railway bridge at woy woy, patonga, umina beach, ocean beach and lobster beach to catch only about 11 fish up to about 22 cm these included snapper bream and a luderick. :ranting2: these were all caught under the railway bridge. all times were coming up to high tide and night.

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If the size is down try bigger baits or lures.

What you will find is that the little fish muscle in in larger numbers and smash bait and lures. the big ones are normally around but sometime can't get through the smaller fish to get you bait or lure.

I have experienced that time of fishing before and there is almost always a couple of briusers in the pack just waiting for thier chance.



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Ever hear the old adage "Big Baits = Big Fish"

Them old timers know what they're talking about - check the avatar :074::074: .

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Thanks guys, in my  :thumbup: special spot now, its a little bridge waterway which leads to an estuary its about 20 metres wide and my uncle caught sharks and large fish there. I would never of excpected that, but i will take your advice and maybe bring out some gang hooks. :thumbup:


Gangs are not the best for big fish, better have one or two 4/0 hooks at least. Gangs are alright for tailor/salmon off the beach and stones, but forget about them in an estuary,


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Hey phillip the water in brizzy waters at the moment is crystal clear. Its always tough to fish but so maybe try light lines, little weights, fresh baits etc. Yer sure you might come across some large fish as you say in brizzy waters but most of fish come across arent going to need any more then 4 kg line. So try this next time youre out and let me no how u go. Cheers Mate

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