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Brisbane Waters


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Finally got the call up to go out with a good mate of mine to see where I'd been going wrong

with my technique and failure to catch much

I made a change to my rig, going with a running sinker and a 2/0 hook. Pretty much that was it.

The other suggestion was to concentrate on one thing at a time. We had a crab line out

and one rod. When I was holding the rod, i was missing the crabs. So when this was pointed

out to me things improved.

We also have the braid v nylon discussion with my mate preferring the nylon for Bream.

He was basically crabbing, with aiming for bream when the crabbing went quiet.

Crabs were caught on a hand line (no nets allowed in Brisbane waters) with a big strip of

fresh mullet.

Between us, we ended up catching nine crabs, 7 fish and a TsunamiTSB64SP and reel. Didn't look like it had

been in the water all that long, so I've pulled it apart to see if I can clean it up.



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Catching trains on handline ?? How do you guys do it? Can you teach me or give me advice, a photo of the set up would be great. I use to use them crab snare... But got nothing probably no crabs were around. So yeah how do you snare the crab with a mullet and hand line??

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Great feed & Well done !! Best thing for blue swimmers is straight in the esky with 1 bag of ice & 2 buckets seawater ( ice slurry) & throw them straight in there , no need for roping them as this puts them to sleep instantly & firms up the flesh .... Hope this helps in saving fingers & toes .... LOL...

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Thanks for the tips guys, the guy i was with has been crabbing for a while so

I went with what he was telling me. They were put in a big bucket of salt water

and we changed it a couple of times.

To answer the question about catching the swimmers,

get yourself a hand line with a hook

Put on a slab of mullet

Drop it in the water

Watch the line and it might get picked up and walked away with it.

Slowly pull it in, you'll feel something that is definitely not a fish

When you get close to the surface, put a net under it and then scoop it up

If you try and pull it too fast or out of the water, it will let go

Not sure if this works for muddies, but it was good for blues and as I said, you can't

no traps in Brisbane waters so this is what the locals do.

Hey, I've lived up here a while so I must be a local too

The rod was caught on half a prawn, although i think in this case, any bait would have picked it up

as I think my line got tangled in the reel!

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Whats the story with the ban on crab nets/pods? Pretty hardcore using handline. But Brisbane water isnt so big so i guess plenty of places to crab.

Just means when you do actually land a crab,

They a pretty damn big and worth keeping........

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