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Got out early. Went for livies. Picked up 3 squid. Couldn't find any takers. Switched to raiders and come good. Picked up a kng and a few salmon. Light gear prevailed. proves the heavy stuff doesnt always work. Saw large numbers of kings, should be a healthy season.

Video of the day https://youtu.be/sCSw_YpgPik

Well done! Good video! Does anyone have info about kings off the beach on the south coast? What's the best season? Cheers!

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Did you by chance see a couple of guys in kayaks out that way? hehe

A bit choppy once we got past the La Perouse headland but we ran into a school of small tailor...tore apart my live squid that I was trolling.

haha i saw use! i was in the green center console. me and my mates were like these guys are MAD!

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2500 stradic.. Was warm afterwards.. Was a good day out. Kings on South Coast.. Find a good rock ledge and throw raiders and in unweighted pillies

Thanks Farvos. Will give the Raider lure a go, tomorrow arvo! Also got some good live mullet today so will chuck some of those out as well.

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