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Sydney Harbour this morning

CB Sydney

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Hi guys

A day of many firsts:-

First proper day out on my new boat.

My first post on this forum.

First time trolling out the heads.

First time caught fish trolling with a lure.

Very happy.

I picked up my mate at Balmoral at 0615 and went off the scout hall to try and get some squid- nada.

Then went over to Camp Cove and this was equally unsuccessful- the last time I caught squid (a couple of years ago on a fishing charter) the water was really calm and you could see the critters coming up to the jig. Today was not nearly as clear.

We then trolled across the mouth of the heads and up along the stretch to Manly. We both hooked up at the same time and brought in a couple of Bonito.

We then drifted into Manly beach and picked a couple of nice size flathead so its fish n chips for dinner.

I hope this is the start of a terrific Summer on the Harbour.

Can't wait to find some Kingfish now.......

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