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Trailer Trials - doing it the tough way


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Hi Raiders,

Its been too long since i've had anything to post and contribute (apart from my appreciation of others posts).

unfortunately this is due to the challenges of relocating to Lake Mac and a trailer that refused to let go without a fight.

about 3 months ago my wife was offered a job at the Lake and due to sydney house costs this was an obvious good move.

Of all my house relocation (including emigrating to Australia) this has been the toughest move ever.

if it could go wrong it did... but.... to the fishing and boating.

i knew when i bought my budget boat package. there were compromises. everything was quite old but the boat and engine were reliable. i only had 1000m to the boat ramp so the trailer was never a concern. 12 months of boating and fishing and pushing horizons and all was good. come the move this changed. not trusting the trailer to make the distance i called Sean (Yarone) to give me an idea of what was involved to reserurect the rusting shoes on my boat.

now i'm not blowing smoke up his ass, but his help constant communication and interest in my plight were second to none. i'm not just saying this because hes a site sponsor. i'm speaking from being messed around by loads of different people on my journey

Thanks Sean, after all your effort and coming to visit im sorry my trailer was to cactus for even you to fix. (Sean refused to take payment for inspecting even after traveling to see it)

sort of says it all about where the trailer was !!!! (photos off phone to be inserted here)86c2dc9125cf7ee89329120ffc299d3e.jpg

ok not a huge issue, i'll spend a grand on fleabay and get a replacement...... Hmmmmmmm...... Nothing, Zip, Out bid on rusty sh1*.

early end auctions. days turned into weeks.....

finding 2nd hand trailers are like hens teeth ! OR the price of a new trailer. and i didn't think this was justified on a boat i was hoping to trade up in a year or two.

who would of thought so many trailers would be unsuitable.

advertised at suitable for 17 foot and you get there to find 16 foot from tow hitch, never mind the winch bar.

apparently i have a very special boat,aluminium, keel rollers and fat arse. with low dead rise... Nothing fitted.

i finaly took my sanity in my hands and made a cash offer on a trailer (double what was being bid) i imagined would be an easy conversion a09e0a106a48a0cb4129def8c18d7bec.jpg

!!!!!! yea all the local suspects sell stock brackets..... but this wasnt a stock size. so custom brackets were fabricated . and finaly.. i have a solid trailer to take my baby home.c53363c24e090028860f5bf557fabfc7.jpgb6fddd67fe7b66c750645d2ba2c729db.jpg

thanks to Boattart (Mark) for helping with the attempted car transporter option)

Thanks to Katoe (Ken) for the hours of on and off at the boat ramp tonight, to get her up and fitted.

if there is a message in here ? Never expect to find a worthwhile second hand trailer. and if you do, hopefully you will have a raider friend to help you make it work.

Hopefully I'll get my first Mac fish on Saturday !!!

Just in time for summer and hopefully some upcoming reports from the Swansea FAD.

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