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Tidal Times and delays

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So I'm really confused about the tidal times at Windang, illawarra lake and bridge area.

I remember someone on this forum said the delay was due to the narrow channel there, which made sense at time, until I found this:


If you look at the section of Time Variations, then look at Lake Illawarra, lag for high tide is 15min and low tide is 1hr 45mins...

That's really confusing cause you would think the lag for high and low would be the same.

Does anyone know why this is?



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Hi Dave. It has to do with where the measure point is and the fact that there are actually 2 channels. One channel is at the heads and the other is into the lake itself. There is a surge effect that is very similar to lock systems on rivers except that it is a check point. You'll find Swansea and Lake Macquarie is a similar situation.

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