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DO NOT DISTURB...a busy week coming up!

big Neil

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Greetings everybody. I have been spared to see the start of another Murray Cod season...thank you. My mate and I will be out early tomorrow to try our luck on the green monsters in the Murrumbidgee. Thursday and Friday I'll be taking one of the grandkids out to catch his first Murray Cod.post-20708-0-05027100-1448831088_thumb.jpg Being the considerate person that I am, I shall be thinking of you all as you go about your daily endeavours, keeping this country the fabulous place that it is. I have been prepared for this for ages. Hope it's going to be a good one. Will keep you posted. Cheers fellow Raiders. Big Neil.

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post-20708-0-00237100-1449341294_thumb.jpgOkay here's a follow up to my earlier post...a busy week coming up. My mate Geoff and I had a successful opening day at the river and on Thursday and Friday I took one of the grandkids down the river. He seldom gets to go fishing and indeed the last time he went was quite a few years ago. You can imagine that he lacks skills in all aspects of the craft, so the Thursday was a day filled with explanations, demonstrations and "here you go, try it yourself". I have to say that he did very well for himself landing 7 Murray Cod to 54 cms (almost legal). He impressed me with his skill and ability to follow direction when he angled one from the middle of the river ,against the strong current...on a light spinning rod with 8lb line on it. That one brought about a few high fives and a very satisfied old fart. (lol). Tally for the 2 days was 20 Murray Cod and 1 Carp, which we targeted at close of play on Friday. The Carp headed for the freezer and future use in the yabbie nets. So all in all he enjoyed his fishing experience and so did I. Apologies for the picture quality as it was one which I compressed for email purposes. Big Neil.

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