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Botany bay thursday


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Took the afternoon off to fish with my brother, just as we left thr driveway, mrs call and she want to come alongso had to wait for 25 minutes

Hit the ramp at 3pm windy so we try in close near container wall, burley hard for two hours with no bite but a few yellow tail

We then move to bare island for calamari for nil

Move close to cape bank and pick up 3 small calamari

Mrs pick up two by dropping the jig side of boat. ( dammed)

By 6 pm decided to go back in as wind pick up more

And saw some birds activity middle of bay so stop and found some tailor aroung 33-26 cm

Keeping 8 for dinner and release twice as many small one

Again mrs caught more the me and my brother by thow small jig less than 10 meters from boat ( she cant cast properly yet)

Sory no photo embarrashing is an understatement

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