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  1. I hate it when mum and dad argue !!! hehe he
  2. I just put 300 hrs in two year on a new 75 etec pushing a stacer outlaw 469 . Perfectly match package , I always run the motor hard and it has never given me a problem . Now it's off for its first service ?
  3. Great fishing mate !! What determines the spot you fish ? Looks like you have it worked out !
  4. I had the same problem with my hook 7 sounder , would loose depth reading at speed . i found using the general fishing mode under setting to fix this and it has been great since .
  5. Looks like you've had some great fishing !! Ive been trying to get more consistent with the kings using some of the spots and technique you've talked about ,but with much less impressive results . Haven't caught a keeper this season ? . It's encouraging to see you are putting it together .
  6. Hi Ben , saw you out there today as we were fishing in the same area . Not much to celebrate on my boat other than half a dozen squid that weren't touched and are now dinner !!
  7. What type of burley are you using for kings?
  8. I've got a motorguide xi5 55lb 12v 100amp seperate deep cycle on a Stacer outlaw 469 and it's been great . I use it mainly for spot lock and it has a easy to use jog feature . I think it would struggle in rough conditions , but I tend to avoid those days anyway .
  9. Well Done !!! You guys set a high standard ..
  10. A very entertaining read and a great prize in the end !!
  11. Great read !!!! Unlucky with the fish , i can't wait for the next episode though !!
  12. Great read !!! Congrats on a most epic adventure
  13. Luck will beat skill every time !!!!!
  14. Glad to hear you are ok and in good spirits I'll defiantly be keeping a close eye out for that boat ... hope we get them !!!
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