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Bill the bream


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My wife and I decided to take the hour drive north to the in laws house for a weekend visit. Weather is beautiful so we went to one of the local beaches for a swim and a quick fish on the run in tide. First bait in I get hit and pull in a decent 40ish bream. After I while of not getting more bites I consult the bream I caught and asked where his friends are. He looked up at me from the bucket of water I had him in and didn't answer me [emoji853] I figure it's because I didn't call him by name so I called him bill. Anyway he wasn't forthcoming with any info so after about 40 mins I stopped fishing and went for a swim. I tried again for some more fish when the tide turned but still nothing. 1 bream isn't enough for 4 adults so I made the decision to let bill go. Off to the wash and I let him swim free only for him to sit around my feet and swim back into the bucket [emoji53] does this bream want to get eaten? I looked at him and said " bill you have to go back and swim with your friends and put him back. After a while he finally decided to go . Bye Bill.

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