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Bonnie's on Saturday


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Headed out Saturday morning at stupidoclock (1am) on a mates boat. Did well collecting squid using the green lights. Picked up 20 by 4am all lolly pop size. We could see 30+ under the boat but they were pretty finiky. Changed the the smallest jigs we had, I think size 1 or 1.5 and were able to get a few that way.

Headed offshore in the dark, slowly and carefully to another squid spot hoping to find some bigguns but it wasn't to be. As the sun came up we decided to try along the cliffs hoping to find some kings. This was new ground for us so a bit of exploration. Trolled a live squid and a fresh squid slowly along. Had hits on both fairly quickly but no hookup. Rerigged and hooked up again quickly. When the fish saw the boat it really woke up, we were thinking Bonnie or rat king, but the tail beats were real fast. Turned out to be a fat Bonnie at 55cm. A first of species for me, I was stoked.

Put out some small white squid skirts and pulled in a few more. Got a bit quiet so put a diving rapala out and left one squid skirt out. Picked up a couple more. In the end we got 7 bonito and I dropped 2 more right at the boat.

A fun morning out and home earlyish




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