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  1. Must have been good to get out after the break, and perfect sized fatties for a feed.
  2. Great video and loved the choice of background music!! Nice looking boat set up you have. Windscreen demisters are a clever touch too.
  3. Congratulations on the PB, that's a cracker tailor. The big greenbacks often turn up in mid winter
  4. Those snapper are really good size for inside waters. Well done.
  5. Very nice reddie. Good to get your mojo back after a few dud sessions - they can knock your confidence around. Best check that fuel issue - don't want to get stuck a few k's out to sea, especially in this weather😳
  6. Not a bad morning I’d say. Snapper on a lure! Do you mind telling what type?
  7. Nice going. They seem to be having their run at the moment. A friend caught one as by-catch on cunje when fishing for drummer last week.
  8. Such an incredible variety of fish and great pics to show them off. I've never seen or heard of many of them.
  9. Very nice sized flatties. That can be a pretty bumpy and busy location with strong current, exposure to southerly wind and sea, not to mention boat traffic from the fast ferries and other craft. Were you anchored or drifting?
  10. I use fresh white bread for bait off the rocks and recently caught a lot of big bream and a couple of drummer on it. The crusts mashed up makes great burley too - and if you get hungry you can always eat some bait 😀!
  11. Wow Kobi you guys are braining it ! Looks like Bruce taught you the good spots and how to fish them. A great mix of species.
  12. Fish sense the fibration from a lure via their lateral line maybe as much as through sight, especially in low light so yeah a paddle tail or vibe can work well in the nighttime. By the way a 38cm bream is a good fish!
  13. Dirt and mud- sign of a good trip hopefully
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