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Sydney Tuesday 29 Dec


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Hey Raiders quick report from yesterday.

Hit the water 530am conditions were a little average when we got to Botany heads but decided to push through given the conditions weren't meant to get any worse.

Punched out wide and sounded around until we found bait with a few solid marks it was at this stage my decky Craig turned green and started his own burley trail. First drop with squid and bang the rod loads up Craig grabs rod and it seems to take his mind off things after a good battle nice 89cm King surfaces.


Well at least that's dinner taken care of. I deal with the fish in the boat. While I'm dealing with fish Craig starts burleying again.

Quickly line up another drift but in rushing I was about 20m off still get the tap tap on the rod set the hook not a king but this nice mowie surfaces.


Tell Craig one more drift as I wanted a king. Line up properly drop down and bang rod loads up good head shakes then goes quite get it all the way to the top and it's a decent size looking barracouta or cuda not sure as it shakes the hook on the surface.

By this stage Craig was at the dry heaving stage so we head back for the bay. Hate leaving a good bite 3 fish in 3 drops and I have to leave [emoji22] Once inside we drift with plastics and pick up a couple of flattys which are released had more than enough fish for dinner.

Cheers for reading.

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