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Catching up at Narrandera

big Neil

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Finally managed to catch up with OzBrett at Narrandera, where he was camped for a few days with his family and some mates. The river had a nice flow happening and the weather was clear. I couldn't access his camp site by road so found out roughly where they were from his vehicle's GPS and put the boat in at Brewery Flats. I headed downstream to an area where a very large sandbank creates a narrow channel. I don't usually go past here often, but eased my way through to the next bend and his campsite was there. Brett was expecting more visitors but we managed to squeeze in a few hours exploring further downstream. Very beneficial for me as I found some very likely areas for further exploration. We chatted away about different things (including one or two references to fishing) and caught several Cod...just bait fishing. I got busted off by a nice fish which obviously knew how to use a pumps suction pipe as its own built in snag. All too soon it was time for Brett to head back to camp for his visitors. I continued to fish for a few more hours, then bade farewell and headed for home and a few ales. It was really nice meeting you Brett and hope to see you again sometime. Here's a few pics including one of Brett with an almost legal 53 cm Murray Cod.post-20708-0-22793500-1451609021_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-22232600-1451609061_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-09815000-1451609099_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-80641900-1451609142_thumb.jpgpost-20708-0-07891500-1451609172_thumb.jpg

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Thanks again for the outing Neil as expected people started to show up not long after I returned at one stage the camp site come more a party with a total 23 people there at one time. Had a great time down there & hope to go again soon.

Just for the record We did manage 1 legal cod @ 62cm and many more under size even got some fishing from the Yak, While camped there for the 4 days we had a wallaby and a couple of koalas hanging around site giving added entertainment.

post-8167-0-59998600-1451627188_thumb.jpgpost-8167-0-35251500-1451627218_thumb.jpgpost-8167-0-39800700-1451627245_thumb.jpgpost-8167-0-35700000-1451627255_thumb.jpg I am in the yack there some where! post-8167-0-83236000-1451627272_thumb.jpg

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