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Slow day off Sydney 2/1/16


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Went out with high hopes from Port Botany today.

With a forecast of light winds and virtually no swell conditions looked perfect. For once the BOM/Windwilly/Seabreeze got it right

conditions were better than good! It seemed the wider we went the calmer it got, at times it glassed out.


Ran out to the two FADS off Botany Bay but there was no signs of any dollies. Didn't waste anytime and pushed on out to the shelf.
Put the lures in and trolled NE past Browns for about 3hrs without a touch. Turned and pointed the bow south and trolled back to the

Southern Canyons again without a touch.

Checked out the Port Hacking FAD which was sitting dead upright, not even a hint of current running. As they say "No run No fun".

The FAD was lifeless.

Headed back to the ramp about 2:30pm with my tail between my legs. Not often I go duck eggs and not even turn a reel.

On the upside the water was a beautiful blue and water varied between 22.9 - 23.5'C.

Only heard two other boats off Sydney tag fish.

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couldn't agree more, no current and the fishing is usually slow and unproductive. We were out the other day off Sydney and there was absolutely no current and all we got was the one hit all day

conditions looked great in your photos though, it always worth a shot with conditions like that

current is wide off Sydney ATM, hopefully it will start pushing in closer soon

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There was a very hot bite off Kiama, many boats dropping multiple fish, a few boats had double and triple hookups, a few good fish tagged and captured. We dropped a nice striped, but was a great day, never seen so much bait in one area, it was insane, bait balls everywhere.

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We were one of the boats that got a stripe and also hooked a blue that jumped and threw the hooks after half an hour.

Got the stripe around 9am in 100fth east of the 12 mile and the blue an hour or so later in 130fth west of browns.

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