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Port Stephens Marlin.


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Hi guys, spare of the moment decision to head to port for a one day trip.

Had no probs getting slimmys at cabbage tree, then arrived at carpark around 8:00am, to find another 50+ boats already out there.

The Marlin was insane, there were boats all around us hooked up, Marlin jumping everywhere , it was more like a Coles carpark on nye.

Some boats with double even triple hookups, and apparently the previous day was even more insane. Unfortunately we didn't get a hit, but what an experience to see so many Marlin been fought at the same time in a small area.

Made a quick stop at the fad to find no dollies at all, although there were a few caught out there up to 17kg on skirts. There are plenty of bait schools out there, you'll have no probs finding them.

It seems it's gonna be a hell of a Marlin season , not just at port but also here off Sydney.

Good luck to those who head out.

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