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Squid session Sunday 2/1


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After a great week away at Smiths lake I arrived back in Sydney on Saturday disappointed with the ordinary weather forecast for the week ahead.

After a brief chat with AMKR we agreed to hit the Hacking. I was far from ready no food in the house, and pretty disorganised.

We waited out the passing rain storm before setting off around 3 or 4, time escapes me when on holidays so I really don't really know.

The wind was up but not to bad so we headed to the heads. Our first drift came up with zero's. On our second I scored what was to be the better squid of the day. AMKR reached for the net but of course it was still at home. [emoji15]cef9e742410097172d50f1065df37f79.jpg

Soon after AMKR scored his first ever squid on a jig which was good to see. Over the next few hours we picked up a 10. With two being sent out live to be picked to pieces.


We settled into fishing in what turned out to be great conditions for no result, other than some throw backs and a squid on bait that we didn't boat.

A nice feed and some more quality bait from a good night fishing that's about as good as it gets.

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All different sizes and colours. Well done. Welcome back to the real world. I just got back from holidays as well. Ha.

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I'm still off work but at home now so it's not all bad. I just wish the weather was playing ball.

All the squid were taken in the same area. Mostly on 3.5 jigs.

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