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Illegal Fishing Nets


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Hey all my mate was fishing at spot X the other night in the georges river system

and when he got to our favourite spot and there were some B@%#$D A holes fishing our spot with gill nets and he didnt have the number of a local fisheries inspector to bust there asses he complained and they got really narky and asthere was 4 of them he didnt want to make too much trouble .He spoke to them and he asked what they were expecting to get there and they said big fish im assuming the same big fish we go there for.What i would like to know is the number of a fisheries inspector or should i call the police because it really gets on my tits. And it also answers the question as to why our favourite spot has such an unforgiving bottom when it comes to stray lures getting too close to the nets these idiot have lost there in the past. Any help would be great and i ask those raiders that do go there to take note of any numbers that may come from thhis thred.

( I removed the bat bit of this post. Threatening posts are against site rules. - Ken A)

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Guest Jocool

This is from one of my previous posts.

Note the mobile numbers at the bottom. They are based at Kyeemah/Rockdale, so shouldn't be too far for them to get to the Georges.

I have the phone numbers stored in my phone, and call the inspectors direct rather than going through the switch! :thumbup:

All the guys that fished the Chippo social will remember the monkey we seen with 12 lines in the water of the banks of the lake! :thumbdown:

JD will recall that I called the Fisheries Hotline to report him. Got a recorded message and did as I was asked and left all the pertinent information including my name and number.

I had totally forgotten about it till I got a call earlier tonight from Fisheries!


Turns out I was speaking to a fine gentleman by the name of Cameron who was very helpful and apolagetic.

During the course of the conversation I was informed that it would be easier, and a lot quicker if we call the Fisheries Officers directly on their mobiles! And to that end he has furnished 3 mobile numbers direct to individual officers, and the office number which is relevant to the Sydney area, which is based at Sans Souci!

He has told me that these mobiles are on 24/7. But he requested no calls in the middle of the night, unless its a dead set major offence, such as you see a couple of guys hauling a net or some such thing! If you are not sure about illegal net hauling, have at a look at the persons boat. If the rego prefix isn`t LBF then he is not a legal net hauler.


These are the numbers:

Cameron              0408601951

Paul                      0419185518

Backup Phone        0419185521

Office Sans Souci  95296021

The office number is the Sydney South Fisheries Compliance Office.

I have punched these numbers and saved them into my mobile and suggest you guys do likewise! :thumbsup:


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In some areas gill nets are legal for commercial fisherman to use provided they stay with the net once it's set. I reported some guys gill netting in Cowan Creek about 5 years ago & found that it was perfectly legal for them to do so.

Pays to check before getting hot & bothered. They may well be operating legally.

In my experience commercial fishos carrying out illegal netting do it VERY discreetly.

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