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Home Made Downrigger For Kingy's


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I know this has been touched on before here somewhere but got an idea I thought I'd pass by you guys for some help/information/tips.

I've got a 2.5kg long steel timber sash window weight that I picked up thinking it has potential for a downrigger weight (it's a good torpedo shape!). I want to put together a cheap home made downrigger for some Pittwater Kingy's. Can I use this?? I was thinking the torpedoe shap will sway around down there imparting good action on the squid or lure?!?!?

I was thinking of using a heavy duty handline with 20lb Platypus super braid (which I have heaps of) as the downrigger wire connected to this sash weight and connecting a clip at the other end of the weight to clip on to my main line.

*Will this work?

*Am i a loser for thinking it will?

*is 20lb braid enough?

*How much do you think should cost? Clips I should get?

*How much downrigger braid will I need (thinking 50ft is heaps)?

Attached a photo of the sash weight for you



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Thanks Bashir! I might wap some lead sheeting around it or join two weights together!

I had another thought - Do you think covering the weight with foil or mirrors or colours will help attract kingies to weight (like a teaser) thus to the bait?? Adapting some Marlin techniques!??!

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paint it to look like a squid.

or maybe some reflective tape.

i would maybe run a bit thicker braid if you can, you get it snagged u will lose it all.

just make sure u arent manually bringing it up or u might cut ur hands on the braid.

and old handline or even better an alvey reel would be sweet for this.

maybe construct some sort of bracket to get it away from the boat enough.

a good way to record how far you have your bait down would be maybe some coloured heat shrink or even electrical tape say every 5metres or 10metres etc

now all u need is a release clip and your set.

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Top idea.

What if you get the window sash weight and suspend it in a pert plastic bottle and fill with a cement mix. You can cast in any fixing points you may need also. Once set just cut the plastic away and epoxy reflective plastic to act as the attractor and teaser plus add and plastic skirt to the end and epoxy or cast two eyes in

You end up with a streamlined weight, which is better than wrapping lead around it and the drag plus sharp edges it may create.

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Nice work Martin! There's some clever thinkers around here today!

Do you think putting a skirt and eyes on the weight will attract them into attacking the weight instead of my squid/lure?? I think they might find it a bit tough on their teeth :074:

Crazedfisherdude: I think I know why you have 'crazed' in your nickname :biggrin2:

I'm all pumped - This thing is going to be deadly with everyones input!!!!!!

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Two ways to make clips.

1-run a length of dacron/string off the end of the sash weight and use a No 15 rubber band as the clip,when the kings hooks up the rubber band snaps.....hopefully.

2- nick a clothes peg from the line,Using bicycle tubes or shrink tubes ,cover both jaws of the peg.If you require a sronger realease pressure,then get some red postie bands and loop them over till you have the required strength.

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I've been busy with work, but so far this is my downrigger weight all prettied up for those kingies with some reflecting tape and a $5 skirt I picked up.

I got some 80lb mono that I'll use as the wire (can't justify $90+ on braid at the moment). Just hopping it doesn't hum too much. Will be getting an alvey in the next few weeks to use as the reel to make the downrigger. I think I'll use Rekless's idea and modify a clothes peg for the release clip (in the shops $50 for one clip!!)

I drilled a hole in the front of the weight and added 90lb ball bearing swivels front and back. LOOK OUT KINGIES HERE I COME

I'll post final pics when I'm done and ready to go


Bluecod - I have 3 or 4 more lighter weights (approx 2kgs) if you want em.

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we used something like this up in coffs on the kingies and it worked out pretty good.

In the end we ended up using 10 metres of cord and tying it off to the boat instead of putting it onto a reel or a downrigger, that way when we got a hit we didnt have to worry about reeling up too reels, rather just threw the bomb and cord in the bottom of the boat while we played the fish.

Didn't seem to get much vibration problems with the cord, but we were trolling livies really slow

good luck!!!

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Guest bluecod

Bluecod - I have 3 or 4 more lighter weights (approx 2kgs) if you want em.

Accepted with pleasure :thumbup:

I'll catch up with you down at the Fluffchuckers Social as I see you're going to drop in and say G'day!

I'll be the one either wrapped up in flyline or having surgery done to remove hooks :074::074:

BTW - Just use rubber bands as your release clip - even good quality release clips can pinch your line.

Edited by bluecod
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