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I drove down to Canberra today. Due to a tyre blow-out, I was stretched for time and didn't get a chance to hunt down some good water photos. But I think I have gone one better! :thumbup:

This is for all the oldies out there! May bring back some memories. :biggrin2:

I found a little tackle store in Queanbean, and he had the most awesome collection of old tackle I have ever seen. I was virtually drooling all over his counter. No matter what I said to him, there was no way he was selling me any of them! :thumbdown:

All of the reels that I saw were operational. They were all faultless even though very dusty. And some lures were still in the original packaging.

What a blast it was to see stuff that I used to always read about as a kid, but could never afford. :yahoo: I hope you guys get as big a buzz from seeing them as I did!


These are various sized lures from a by-gone era. They include some fairly old Gadden's and some Rubblex lures.


This is an original Rubblex Flopy still in the original packaging.


Gotta love the writting on this one!


Bet you haven't seen Heddon's like these in a while.

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Old School spin reels.



Original Seascape. He still has the box, instructions, and the parts that came standard in the box! :thumbup:


Daiwa Millionaire circa '66 :1yikes:


Any one remember Glidex reels? Heres one!

I have heaps of pictures, and I'm trying to get them up in my gallery. If you want to see more, then just click HERE,and I will add some more later tonight.

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Thanks Joe,

That certainly brought back some memories. The bottle of "Speed" filler in the first photo reminds me of the first time I ever got high, I had filled about 20 rods in a confined room, sniffin fumes, came out to the shop to serve someone, and almost fell over!



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