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Is My Behaivour Normal


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hi all,i recently bought my first boat a few months ago,thats when the problems started ,so the :wife: says ,the problem is i cant get enough of it,all i can think about is fishing and my boat,as im writing this i found myself staring at my pride and joy in lust without realising it :074: ,ive had more sick days in the last three months than my whole working career,even when im at work i find myself daydreaming about heading out in the blue yonder ,some days i pray for 30 knot winds just so ican go to work and earn a crust,i even heard my kids laughing behind my back saying "daddys got a new wife".i want 2 know if these conditions r common amongst boat owners, and does the obsession subside with time, or is it an uncurable disease .

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I am no expert but what I think you are suffering from is stress, what I think you should do is take some time off work take the boat out and do a bit of soul searching. :tease:

Think about this in some time soon this drought will break and it will rain for a long time and you will not be able to fish and you can rack up some brownie points at work with renewed interest and working overtime, (you will need some accessories for the boat new rods etc) :bump0ee:

So it will be a win win situation plenty of fish in the freezer and the boss will think of you as a valued member of staff.

Dont forget to take plenty of photos of you holding fish so these can be placed on the fridge so the wife and kids can remember who you are.

As for a cure take two pilchards and go fishing in the morning :thumbup:

Big Pete :1fishing1:

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i've been thinking the same thing everyday especially the hot days... i've been driving my parents and gf insane lol. i'm dying to get out for a fish off the boat so hopefully on sunday will get the chance. but knowing my luck the weather shall turn on me


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i thought i was the only one who would use all my sickies to go fishing 8 sickies 2 a.w.o.ls

0ne half day in nearly five months...i tell the missus i had sex twice today and she got that

what the .....! look an her face before she could reply i said once with you and once with the boat

tis mornin she replyed how and i said when i went fishin, still don't think she understood probably

never will glad she don't like fishin :074::074:

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