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2 fish and 7 seals


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So Thursday i got a biomaster 5000SWPG . so i spooled it up and went fishing .


and headed off to lakes to give it a go on the reef and it would have been a cracker of a session if it wasn't for 7 bloody seals .

their bloody smart buggers too they watch you and as soon as you stand up to wind in a fish they start duck diving to see

where the fish is and then a good fight go's to an almighty solid powerful run and sammy has your fish rolling%20laughter.gificon_e_sad.gif i lost 13 fish

in 45 mins pity as it was thick with them .


and after an hour and 14 min all i got to keep were these 2 , i have never seen so many seals on the 6 mile in one spot .


cheers TAC

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Try fishing down here from Narooma, doesn't matter if we are chassing kings at the island or deep dropping out wide the seals are all over us. It's completely changed the way I fish these days and many down here have given up fishing at all locally.


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