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Georges River Luderick


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First ever blackfish sesh using weed

Headed down to Lamberth park at picnic point 7:30am after finally getting my hands on green weed. Some other guy was already fishing at the concrete wharf and had landed a 45cm flathead on chicken strips. Was pretty calm in the morning but could not get a single bite as I had no idea if i was hooking the weed right or not (first time using it). Started burleying with weed and sand but couldn't tell if it worked or not as the current was pretty strong.

Then the winds started picking up, and it was huge, chair and stuff getting blown everywhere, nearly lost a rod and the float couldn't stay straight in the wind. Was about to leave after a disappointing cold, windy start as I couldn't see the wind getting any better at 9am. Until some old master guru guy came up and asked me if he could fish here. Thought i could learn some things from him as he was also black fish fishing, so i watched him for a bit then also unpacked and went back fishing.

He helped a lot and corrected where i went wrong when hooking the weed on the size 10 hook. He also berleyed like crazy with sand which attracted a lot of blackfish as I was hooked up to a 10cm one within 3mins. Tried to take the hook out but couldn't, the fish would not open its mouth for some reason and ended up cutting the line.

Some other blackfish fisherman arrived and had a chat with the other guy, still windy as ever. 10mins later however, my float went down and i striked. The drag was pulling which has only happened once when blackfish fishing (never caught any real large fish haha and drag set pretty tight). It was a blackfish but i could not pull it up, and left the net in the car, however thanks to the other guys, they had nets and netted the fish for me just when the hook came out.

I also made the dumb mistake of trying to put a thrashing fish in a keeper bag bare-handed as it was thrashing madly while I was holding the fish getting spiked all over. The fish measured 39cm and smashed my PB of 32cm for luderick (only tried blackfish fishing three times)

Altogether, it was a nice day, would of been a lot better without any wind. Left at 11am as the wharf was getting crowded by blackfish fisherman. Also, thankyou to Luderick-Angler for helping me out a lot on finding weed


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Well done.

Blackfisherman will always ( nearly always) help.

Take note of the tide when they came on. Most probably last 2 hours of run out ( then the locals all turned up).

Also note the difference between high and low.

Look for similar conditions to fish again.


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There are a few resident blackfish that live in the boat harbour here at work and I watch them at lunchtime happily feeding off whatever is growing on submerged rocks and kelp.

It doesn't matter what stage of the tide you can just about guarantee to see them, except when the water is REALLY clear. Don't see them then.

It's interesting too, they each seem to have about a 10-15m 'patch' and will chase off other blackies that come into that area. Sometimes two seem to share a larger area and feed close together, however they mostly seem to be solitary.

It is a nice way to spend lunchtime, bit frustrating too though as we're not allowed to fish.

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