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Lizards springing into action


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Mid September is when I usually begin targeting Botany Bay's lizards so I took heed of a good weather forecast to have a crack at them this morning. Things were petty slow for the first couple of hours as the tide ran in and throwing various plastics around in the shallower water only resulted in two fish boated and a few hits and misses. A move to a new location resulted in more of the same so a decision was made to try some trolling in order to cover more territory. A good decision it was too - 6 nice fish from 42-47 cm were boated in the next couple of hours, along with a 58cm model. A 43 cm silver trevally also took a liking to my Lively Lures Micro Mullet in the pink/silver colour. These are deadly little lizard lures. You can only purchase them directly from the manufacturers online these days. They are suited to water from 1-3 metres in depth.

I ended up bagging out and kept a few for the table. It took me 6 hours of concerted effort but hey, who's counting. I didn't have a plane to catch!!

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