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  1. Beautiful fish mate. Great location too.
  2. Great report. Interesting your commentary regarding the flatties. We fished 30/40/50 m out of Broken Bay yesterday for 2 flatties!!!!!!! It was the slowest fishing I have ever experienced out there. We were also tormented by plagues of green toad fish that are like pirahnas!!! Lost a few rigs..................... Thankfully we caught a few blue swimmers and a flounder to make up the fisherman's basket. WHERE ARE THE FLATTIES!!!
  3. Maaaate. How crap were the conditions on Satdy......horrible from the very start of the day.
  4. Nothing wrong with catching rats. Great fun on lighter gear. Well done!
  5. Cheers mate - yep, been a good couple of weeks. Now just need a BIG KING!
  6. Hey Raiders, With pretty good weather over the holidays we managed to get the boat out a few times. Some family missions (Pittwater/Palmy) and a couple of trips to Longie (and Sydney Harbour). Overall the fishing has been excellent though haven't found the big kings (that everyone seems to have caught yesterday ). A quick summary below. Pittwater/Palmy - we have had two family trips parked up on the Pittwater side of Palmy. We have soaked the crab pots to the west and then fished for flatties out front. The crabs have been on and we have had some good catches of Blue Swimmers. The flatties have also been good with plenty of good fish in the 50s and one croc at 69cm. Good thing is we have been getting them in about 35m so no need to slog too far wide. Chilli BBQ crab and beer battered flathead makes for a good meal. Longie/Sydney Harbour - no secret that there are rats in all the usual places right now. We have had a couple of good sessions at Longie catching rats on livies, fresh squid and even some stripped Sergeant Baker (which interestingly ate a livey meant for a king!). There have also been schools of salmon in the harbour. During one session we found some good kings underneath that were happy to take our livies. Managed a nice fish for the table but nothing large. Ended up as delicious sushi for NYE. Fishing with the family, @REELCRAZYand @fish-aholic. Pretty lucky to live in Sydney and have access to these great areas for fishing. Cheers D
  7. Awesome report Bob. Strangely I have never caught a trag. Sounds like they are delicious!
  8. I was doing the maths - you must have done around 30 nm that day Bob! That is a serious trip!
  9. Just one or two kingies!! Well done Bob. A pity no metreys showed up!
  10. Cheers mate! Unfortunately the best weather has been falling on week days lately and my work has been too hectic to take a morning off!
  11. Wicked! Still chasing a metrey off my boat........
  12. Super quick report from Sunday. Headed out with MD and my youngest on Sunday around midday. The southerly that had been blowing all night was predicted to subside and we thought it would be a good day to head out to catch a few flatties. Launched at Roseville and headed towards the heads. Greeted at the heads by a strong southerly (15-20 knots) and a lot of ordinary short period swell. Tucked in close and trolled a few lures in the hope of a bonnie or two as we headed south. Got about 2/3s of the way to Bondi with no hits. Marked some bait along the way but nothing doing. Headed out to the 50m, pretty much straight off Dover Heights. First drift went well. Picked up 3 nice fish around 40-45. A few spikeys. Second drift got one nice fish at 53. After that it was SUPER tough. No more keepers, lots of spikeys and really really average conditions. The wind just wouldn't quit and the swell was painful. Headed back in around 5pm with a following swell making progress slow and wet. Overall a passable trip but pretty hard work for a small feed. Conditions never really improved............. Interestingly there were MASSIVE schools of slimies on the surface and lots of birds. We dragged lures nearby and put in a few casts but couldn't locate any predators beneath. Looked like the slimies were chasing the little white bait fish. The birds were cleaning up. They were active all afternoon. Cheers D
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