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PB hawkesbury bream, jews and a missed king


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Hey raiders,

Headed down for another jewfish session at my spot in the hawkesbury on monday. However, the moment the track met the water i noticed a weird effect on the surface, it looked like it was raining. Not a cloud in the sky i had a closer look. It was millions of tiny whitebait everywhere in the water. Instead of continuing to my jewfish spot i decided to fish on the school. After a long toss up between putting on a plastic and looking for the predators below the school or a little metal lure across the surface, i went for the metal lure. Maybe 2 or 3 casts in i saw a decently sized fish go for my lure but miss it. Cast straight back in the same spot and was on. As the fish took a big jump in the air i realised it was a big salmon, but it didnt matter as he spat the lure :mad3: . Couple more casts in the same spot nothing.


Maybe 10 minutes later I saw another fish follow the lure in. It was a rat king . I'd never seen a king in this area before so was pretty damn excited. I dont even know how many more times i casted that lure to no avail, never getting another sighting of the king. By now the whitebait school was starting to make its way up the river. I hurried to my jewfish spot and set up. I put out a small bait under the whitebait school for flathead/bream or any other predator hoping for an easy meal. Before i could put out a jewie bait in i saw some busting up about 50m to the right of my spot. Not thinking i ran over to cast a lure at it, leaving my baited rod in the holder. First cast into the bust up and i hear the sound of drag coming from my spot :ranting2: . I ran over, luckily the fish was still on. After a pretty long fight on light line, i pulled in and netted the biggest bream I've ever caught (43cm). Was absolutely stoked :D unfortunately, due to how long it took me to get to my rod, the hook had hit his gills hard and i was unable to release him, a mistake i wont make again.


My mate arrived at this point and we started targetting jewfish hard. I got one average sized jewfish on a big plastic which was quickly released. But no more takes after that.


All in all a very fun and exciting session, bodes very well for the coming spring!


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