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Jewfish and Lights


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Hi everyone,

I targeted jews last night. I was fishing at a marina, where lights shine into the water. These lights attract all sorts of baitfish including a fair few squid, yellowtail and tailor. I managed to catch one of the squid and use it for livebait. Unfortunately I didn't get any hits, but thats to be expected when chasing secret silvers.

My question is, should I be casting my bait into the darkness or into the section illuminated by the lights? Will a jewfish be hesitant to swim into a lit up section of water, even though that is where the bait is?



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Hi James

Where you are fishing sounds similar to the CC bridge which I spent many a night for the Jew and we caught them in lights of the bridge and in the shadows so drop a line in both if you can. Also the live squid and yellowtail are the best bait.

Good luck Bob .

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The light attracts plankton that attracts baitfish that attracts squid.

The bigger fish come in too eat the bait fish and squid and the bigger fish will hang around the darker areas just away from the light ambushing fish that stray out of the light into their path.

Green light is best followed buy blue then white.

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